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The beverage industry has come a long way from orange juice and milk. The drinks of today require specific knowledge of exotic ingredients, novel processing techniques, and a variety of functional ingredients. Let ABC Research help you conquer your beverage challenges.


ABC Research is well-versed in routine microbiological testing and custom methods validation. A number of unique techniques can be employed to maintain quality and insure safety. As novel as your process may be, ABC Research will employ validated techniques to verify you system is in control.

We have worked with ABC Research Laboratories repeatedly since 2002. They have provided excellent and timely service with everything from pesticide residue testing to heavy metals testing to nutritional labeling. ABC Research was extremely helpful in providing arsenic testing to verify the safety of our product during the overly sensationalized apple juice scare in the media. Their knowledge and commitment to our satisfaction, keeps us coming back!

Mary Ellen Pollock

Juice Operations Manager

Uncle Matt’s Organic

Quality and Nutritional Value

Building the perfect beverage is an art and maintaining that quality over time is a science and beverages demand intricate knowledge of functional ingredients. Take for example of encapsulated vitamins. Without the knowledge of how to prepare a sample for quantification of vitamin levels, encapsulated vitamins may be missed all together. ABC Research innovates in testing to match the novel ingredients of today.

I’ve worked with ABC Research Laboratories for several years and have found their open door communication and professionalism in meeting customer needs to be exceptional.

Pat Herbermann

Beverage House Inc.

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