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Meat and Poultry

Founded by a meat microbiologist, ABC Research has a strong reputation for serving the meat and poultry industries. From our landmark work with USDA on Salmonella during cooking, to developing antibodies used to identify cooked meat species, ABC has always been on the cutting edge of food safety technology. We continue to serve the meat and poultry industries with the greatest attention to detail and 24 hour results access.


So often it seems that government regulations conflict with the fast pace of business. Twenty-four hour, internet-based access to your data means that your lab results are ready when you are. Your buyers will be thrilled to have your COA prior to your product arriving at their facility. Product can be released into commerce seamlessly with the push of a button.

Central Beef L.L.C. has been working with ABC Research since our beginning in 1999. As we have expanded and grown so has the working relationship with ABC. They have been a true partner in the continued success and growth of Central Beef.

We have continued to use the resources and expertise of ABC Research to not just reach but consistently exceed the food safety inspections of today’s meat industry.

We are on a first name basis with everyone involved at ABC from the microbiologists to the CEO. We know that ABC Research stays abreast and shares with Central Beef all the cutting-edge technologies and changing regulations so that we can continue to produce and provide a safe wholesome product and give our customers confidence in the Central Beef product.

I indorse and personally would recommend ABC Research to anybody as a complete food safety partner.

Adam Chernin
Central Beef LLC


In a day and age where an internet blogger can make or break a new product in a matter of minutes, quality and consistency in your menu offerings is imperative. Knowing you have quality control of your products before they leave your DCs is the difference between hours lost dealing with upset operators and franchisees, and thousands of dollars lost to operator credits. ABC Research identifies and corrects problems in your supply chain at the distribution level; far before bad product reaches your stores and your customers.

In this world of growing specialization, and where an over abundance of service organizations pledge their ready support for your programs, one company stands out.

ABC Research has been an integral part of our food safety system for years. It is not often you find scientific expertise coupled with exceptional customer service.

In this society where the meaning of the phrase “work ethic” is being drained daily from the English language, ABC Research personifies a renewed commitment and reliability to service that is necessary for success. We get fast and accurate results and when we need further explanation or technical support they are very responsive.

We would recommend ABC Research to anyone looking for laboratory services.

Russ Malina
Miami Beef Co.

Nutritional Value

Safe, high quality products deserve accurate representation on their package. Nutritional Facts Panels are a core competency for ABC Research Laboratories. We are familiar with USDA sampling protocol and analysis.

ABC not only provides all the testing we will ever need for our both our meat and seafood operations but they also are highly professional in their approach and the attention to customer service is outstanding.  The on-line access to results is the best way I have found for monitoring sample results for multiple plant locations.

Deborah Hoyt
QA Manager
Halperns’ Purveyor of Steak and Seafood

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