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Prepared Foods

The speed at which life moves requires products that bring convenience to consumers. Ready to eat foods have grown in popularity as consumers dine more on-the-go but still demand high quality, nutritious food.


A core competency of ABC Research is customized research including challenge studies antimicrobial intervention validations. Building a more robust food safety system is a challenge for any processor. Let ABC Research handle your environmental monitoring and validation of functional ingredient used as microbial hurdles.

I wanted to take a moment to say that working with ABC Research Laboratories has been nothing short of a delight. The team is both swift and responsive to ensure our results are always 100% accurate and all our needs are successfully met. The submission process is also very simple, quick, and easy. I will tell anyone who asks that I am fully confident in ABC’s abilities as a full-service third-party laboratory, and I would highly recommend you turn to them first and turn to them often for the finest service and fastest response anywhere!

Horace L. Candis Jr.
R & D Manager
Bay Valley Foods, Naturally Fresh


Consumers may demand more ready to eat food because they don’t have time to cook and they also demand products that keep their quality longer. Food conservation is a key tenent in today’s market place. ABC Research can aid in extending your shelf life by evaluating new processing and packaging technologies.

When it comes to meeting client needs and providing superior client services, ABC Research Laboratories can’t be beat. We used them exclusively for an extensive vitamin project for a major worldwide distributor, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Their online LIMS system makes it easy to check on the progress of any testing underway, and they are always available by phone or email if we have any questions. Superior science and service makes ABC Research Laboratories the ideal choice in a third party laboratory.

Beth Stoll
Associated Brands

Nutritional Value

Fast food may be famous for convenience but slow food still takes the cake for nutrition. How can you combine the best parts of both? ABC Research are experts and evaluating nutritional value on both USDA and FDA regulated products. Whether you have a finished product or a few prototypes to choose from, ABC Research will give you easy to understand nutritional data to make informed decisions for both you and your customers.

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