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With changing regulations at the center of the produce industry, ABC Research goes the extra mile to insure your food safety system is functioning at top efficiency. We have sent bilingual scientists to train safety and quality assurance staff in a number of production facilities so our clients feel confident that their food testing protocols are correctly followed by all parties involved.

We have been working with ABC Research Laboratories for over two years. Our experience has been nothing but positive. Their knowledgeable and experienced team is always there to address any of our concerns and answer our questions. They have become an integral part of our continued success in the produce industry. The flexibility and service they provide is unparalleled. They are constantly adapting and responding to our evolving needs. We’ve used their services on everything from pre-harvest testing to pesticide residue analysis to ensure our products are of the finest quality. If you want performance and results that are always right the first time, ABC Research Labs is the only way to go.

Jonah Holland
Michael Cutler Company


In today’s global market a fruit or vegetable may travel thousands of miles before it is ever consumed. Maintaining product integrity is paramount. From providing certificates of analysis to trading partners to evaluating storage parameters for leafy greens, ABC Research is a leader in produce safety.

This is just to express that we highly value the accuracy and willingness of ABC Research Laboratories to work with our concerns on pesticide residues for our papayas and avocados.  ABC has been a companion in our success in producing the best quality produce to the US and Canada markets.

Victor Armando Monterroso
Director of Research and Development
Brooks Tropicals, LLC

Nutritional Value

Our mothers have always touted the benefits of fruits and vegetables. Now more than ever before we see the push on a global scale to consume more produce and a greater variety of fruits and vegetables are demanded by consumers. Know how to maintain nutrients during shipment and have the answers to nutritional labeling questions before your customers ask.

ABC Research Laboratories is an ideal partner in an independent, third party lab. Our experience with their chemistry team consistently exceeds expectations, and they always make themselves available to help make sense of the science. The turnaround time on their analysis is second-to-none, and their commitment to customer service always provides a pleasurable experience. I would highly recommend ABC Research Laboratories to anyone as the fast and simple solution to nutritional and food safety testing.

Jiwon Jeong
Chiquita Brands International
R&D Manager

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