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Actionable Quality Assurance™

QA for Food

QA gets EZ

The world of quality assurance is built on two principles: “Fit for purpose,” the product should be suitable for its intended purpose; and “Right first time,” mistakes should be eliminated. QA in any food related industry faces the daunting challenge of maintaining the standards of government regulations across the country or around the world, while at the same time maintaining the internal standards of the company itself. Ensuring these standards along a supply chain that can include dozens, if not hundreds, of points between multiple suppliers, manufactures, and points of sale means many quality assurance teams are regularly functioning over capacity. Unfortunately, this can lead to mistakes that can be hazardous to customers and destroy companies. Recognizing the need for an all-in-one platform, ABC Research Laboratories set out to provide the end to end technology that would allow quality assurance teams to instantly track compliance at every point along a supply chain. The result is Actionable Quality Assurance™ (AQA), a quality assurance automation system. Its goal: Maintaining the principles of “fit for purpose” and “right first time” like never before.

QA cloud based software

Seconds. Not days.

AQA will give its users real-time compliance data at their fingertips in the form of trend reports and dashboards for scorecarding and executive reporting. Processes and reports that currently take a company hours or days to assemble can be generated in seconds.  The industry best practices that are the basis of the program will enable rapid recall/withdrawal/product issue investigation to enable brand protection.

Manage by exception, not minutiae.

AQA clients manage food safety and quality by exception, taking advantage of the 80/20 Rule. They will only have to directly manage those significant food safety or quality situation that demand their expertise, ABC Research handles the remaining 80% that is purely administrative work.

Heads up.

AQA features a fully customizable live updated dashboard to immediately show you where you need to focus. No more losing sleep over points in your supply chain that need your attention. You’re seeing the entire supply chain from the top, not from under a pile of papers. And keeping track of it all as easy as green, yellow, red.

QA Software for Food

Connect the dots.

With a fully hosted platform, AQA keeps your entire supply chain at your fingertips. Full online integration and automated email alerts for you, your team members, and your suppliers, AQA can easily help you manage:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Specification management
  • Recall alerts
  • Vendor specification programs
  • Nutritional analysis
  • Recipe modification and maintenance
  • Internal standards compliance
  • Supplier management
  • Digitization of historic records
  • Document uploading and sharing
  • 3rd party audit management
  • Full supply chain traceability (COMING SOON)

Learn more about AQA.

AQA offers a host of options for the smallest grower to the largest supplier. Find out more about what Actionable Quality Assurance™ can do for your team by scheduling a free consultation now. Call 1.866.233.5883 now or complete the form below to get started.


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