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Restaurant and Hospitality

In the fast-paced world of restaurants and hospitality, communication is everything and ABC Research Laboratories is bilingual. We speak “Restaurant” and “Processor”. This allows us to span the gaps between QA/Purchasing and the suppliers. It allows us to discuss back-of-the-house problems right alongside production issues on line 1B. This bridge between hospitality and manufacturing should be the foundation for quality in your supply chain.


ABC Research is the key to keeping your suppliers honest and supporting your mission to serve your customers safe food. When a customer approaches you with a complaint of foreign material in their entrée, your first thought is how to protect your brand. Your second thought should be to call ABC Research. We have identified various foreign materials and investigated how or when they enter your supply chain. Not every food safety complaint is a valid one. Let ABC Research be the judge.

My first experience with ABC-R was in 2010 and I have been a loyal fan ever since. Coming into industry from graduate school, it was paramount to find and partner with a 3rd party food testing lab to ensure specification compliance for Chick-fil-A’s suppliers. Besides the outstanding analysis and reports, ABC-R has offered world class customer service and support to Chick-fil-A and is a valued partner for our Food Safety and Supplier Quality Departments.

Steven Lyons, Ph.D.
Chick-fil-A Food & Product Safety


In a day and age where an internet blogger can make or break a new product in a matter of minutes, quality and consistency in your menu offerings is imperative. Knowing you have quality control of your products before they leave your DCs is the difference between hours lost dealing with upset operators and franchisees, and thousands of dollars lost to operator credits. ABC Research identifies and corrects problems in your supply chain at the distribution level; far before bad product reaches your stores and your customers.

Our company has depended on ABC Research for all of our nutritional testing needs for years now. They are friendly, reliable and efficient. They make the process easy by explaining exactly what they need from you in regards to food amounts, packaging/shipping, and filling out their sample submission sheet. They have a wide range of testing available to suit your specific needs and they are competitively priced. All I have to do is call them and tell them I have a shipment on the way and they take care of the rest, I highly recommend them!

Holly Deleshaw
Ruth’s Hospitality Group

Nutritional Value

Confused about new menu labeling regulations from the FDA? You are not alone. Give us your menu and we will give you a free consultation on how to comply with the impending FDA guidance. ABC is not only great at nutritional analysis—we are great at managing the entire project and taking that responsibility off your plate.

ABC Research has handled our nutritional labeling and vendor specification testing for years.   Their expertise and attention to detail have been extraordinary.  From sampling in our stores to our distribution centers to receiving samples on Saturdays, ABC has been a key supplier partner in our marketing and quality assurance activities.  They are instrumental in defining product specifications, validating operations procedures, and determining nutritional value and identifying allergens of concern in our supply chain.  We rely on them for consultation and relish their exceptional customer service.

Ryan Joy
Checkers Drive-In Restaurants


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