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Ingredients and Spices

With the globalization of consumer tastes more unique spices and ingredients are showing up on our grocery shelves. With this increase in variety of products comes an increase in variety of food safety and quality concerns.


Spices and ingredients require specialized processing to insure their safety as well as maintaining the integrity of the ingredient. Minimized processing coupled with a food matrix that requires specific testing methods can spell disaster for an unsophisticated analyst. At ABC Research we train our scientists to scrutinize the food matrix as much as they would the target microbe.


Sourcing spices and ingredients from a far can be a game of chance. Let ABC Research verify levels of key components in your ingredients. Whether it is pepperine or volatile oils in cinnamon, ABC Research will make sure you are getting what you are paying for.

ABCR has been our go-to resource for solving a wide variety of analytical problems. We first went to ABCR when we were having trouble getting reliable microbial analyses, and even after investing in our own equipment we continue to use ABCR’s services to validate our in-house methods. We have a good relationship with ABCR’s specialists, and we often consult with them for guidance on specific problems. We know that when we pack up a sample for ABCR, we are going to get the analysis we need promptly and accurately. They are an indispensable resource for our organization.

Michael Britten-Kelly
Natural Products Manager
Treatt USA

Nutritional Value

Spices and ingredients are used in all segments of the food industry. As building blocks for finished food products, nutritional values of ingredients are key for product developers. Have the answers to nutritional labeling questions before your customers ask.

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