Our new distribution channel through Scharlab Brasil S/A

News 18.08.2017

Scharlab CooperationScharlab Cooperation

Within the context of abcr GmbH continuous strategic development, we are proud to announce the expansion of our activities to Brazil, by creating a new distribution channel through Scharlab Brasil Material para Laboratórios S/A; who will undertake the representation and trade of our products in the Brazilian market.

Guillermo Abelanet, Sales Manager from Scharlab commented: “Scharlab Brasil S/A is proud to start a new partnership with abcr GmbH to incorporate its products into our supply program, ensuring that the two companies will follow their commitment of quality and service to our customers.”

With this step we will be able to offer a complete and efficient solution to the Brazilian market, emphasizing in our expertise and wide catalogue offer for fine and specialty chemicals, together with the facility to import and bring the materials more easily into the region.


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