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What do you think of when you hear the expression ‚Gute Chemie‘? Does it make you think of top-quality products or people that understand each other really well? Since we set up our company in 1987, we have consistently attempted to combine both. We offer Gute Chemie in form of specialty chemicals that we supply to major pharmaceuticals and chemical companies.

abcr IRL Ltd. – for more proximity and service we provide local and personal contact for you on site 

  • Direct access to 400,000 products via abcr Ireland 
  • German source prices – without further agency fees or charges 
  • Support of Irish research communities by abcr IRL Ltd. 

Gute Chemie. Happens when clients speak to experts not to answering machines 

abcr Ireland Teamabcr Ireland Team

Dr. Anna-Maria Wilson
Managing Director · abcr IRL Ltd.

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