You need special chemicals quickly and reliably? We master challenges on a daily basis in our abcr warehouse with a view to safety, speed, reliability and customer-specific requirements.

abcr warehousing – sustainable, expedient, transparent 

We offer you products from throughout the world of special chemicals from micrograms to tonnes. We keep a large part of our product portfolio in stock.  

The abcr warehouse logistics is optimally adapted to the transparent and careful handling of special chemicals. On an area of 3,200 square meters, our small volumes and, on further storage areas, the bulk volumes from almost all classes also store hazardous materials, in optimised and sustainable environments – quickly accessible, properly processed, packed bespoke to the customer or process and integrated in a smooth hazardous goods logistics chain.  

Intelligent warehouse logistics for – Gute Chemie 

Our highly qualified personnel are trained in hazardous goods law (IATA, IMDG, ADR). The team has an overview of more than 220,000 different containers with diverse chemicals put into storage. All shipping documents for our warehouse products can be called up quickly via an ERP system. Recording the relevant data via a readable data matrix code ensures complete transparency and continuous traceability for each product that passes through our warehouse. Our cold storage facilities allow us to maintain the quality of temperature-sensitive chemicals. 

abcr bundles - from grams to tonnesabcr bundles - from grams to tonnes

This is how intelligent warehouse logistics works for special chemicals from micrograms to tonnes. 

We also attach tremendous importance to sustainability in our warehouse logistics: That means we rely on sustainable electricity generated from geothermal energy plus a sophisticated system of air recirculation to ensure constant and safe ambient conditions for our employees and our products. Temperature-controlled storage is realised via an autonomous system. This consequently avoids fluctuations. 

Fast, reliable, global – abcr Logistics 

Our customers have one thing in common: They need chemicals quickly and reliably – in the specified amount and in suitable packaging. Whether products for research and development or for industrial production – timely, expedient and reliable delivery is what counts. Our logistics experts have all the right knowledge needed. Chemists and logistics exports work hand in hand here – quickly, reliably and with longstanding experience.

To this end, we utilise an intelligent and effective logistics procedures. This begins at incoming goods and ends in the handover of the precisely proportioned product – prepared for our customers with the highest standards regarding product quality and purity – to the express courier service, not just once but several times a day. 

Reliability – perfectly in sync

Our logistic processes are precisely coordinated. Our warehouse logistics runs like clockwork, with one cog intermeshing smoothly in the other. This results in reliable and transparent procedures perfectly in sync – allowing our customers to benefit in every corner of the world.

We utilise the electronic customs system Atlas for international shipping. That means we can compile the required documents and handle the complete customs process in just a few minutes. Each and every day, we process numerous customs procedures with diverse requirements regarding the product and recipient country. 

The entire logistics process is also accompanied by chemists – on hand to ensure quality, double check safety data sheets and issue analysis certificates (CoA) for each product. 

It’s Gute Chemie for your business when chemists and logistics experts work hand in hand. 


Products available from stock are sent

  • to anywhere in Germany within 24 hours 
  • to anywhere in Europe within 48 hours 
  • to Switzerland in 1-3 days 
  • to all countries worldwide
  • routes by land/water/air 
Products available from stock abcrProducts available from stock abcr