Specialty Gases

Specific gases from abcr 

Specialty GasesSpecialty Gases

Small specific gas volumes are often indispensable for usage in research and development. Limited availability of these gases often represents a tremendous challenge for the synthesis chemist. At abcr we are aware of this. We not only offer our customers a wide range of special gases but we continuously expand these.  

The extraordinary quality of our special gases convinces customers. Especially our customers in pharma, polymer research and production, electronics and energy research require gases of a high purity – we supply these. 

Special gases provide important source materials for chemical synthesis. These gases are of interest as building blocks due to their structural variety. Fluorinated gases are broadly used. They can, on the one hand, be used as fluorination reagents e.g. for the introduction of individual fluorine atoms in a molecule. Inorganic fluorinated gases are used preferably. On the other hand, they also introduce whole structural elements into complex organic molecules. 

Their pharmacokinetic properties are improved with the introduction of fluorine substitutes in active agents. By means of “late-stage-fluorination”, the fluorine-containing groups are introduced into molecules in one of the last synthesis steps. 

Moreover, multiple gases are used as monomers in polymerisation reactions. These reagents comprise both non-substituted alkenes and alkines as well as halogenated gases and cyclic compounds.  

In addition to these usage areas, gases are also indispensable for many analytical methods. For example, they can be used as standards in environmental analytics. 

Our portfolio satisfies customers on account of the consistently high quality and broad spectrum of depicted gas. Our customers profit from our longstanding experience in the distribution of special gases, tailor-made packaging and all relevant security matters.