Speciality chemicals from grams to tons

Are you looking for a suitable product for your process? Our webshop provides access to 400,000 speciality chemicals according to 20 main categories. Click on the main categories listed below in order to learn more about these and view categorised product lists.

Catalysts & LigandsCatalysts & Ligands
Reagents for Chemical SynthesisReagents for Chemical Synthesis
Life Science & BiochemistryLife Science & Biochemistry
Analytical ChemistryAnalytical Chemistry
Chromatography & SeparationChromatography & Separation
Material ScienceMaterial Science
Building BlocksBuilding Blocks
Surface TechnologySurface Technology
Energy & Energetic MaterialsEnergy & Energetic Materials
Silanes & SiloxanesSilanes & Siloxanes
Chiral CompoundsChiral Compounds
Specialty GasesSpecialty Gases
Metals & Metal CompoundsMetals & Metal Compounds
Agrochemicals & Crop ScienceAgrochemicals & Crop Science
Chemical IndustryChemical Industry
Rubber & PlasticsRubber & Plastics
Inorganic ChemistryInorganic Chemistry
abcr - Gute Chemieabcr - Gute Chemie

400,000 opportunities for your research

  •  400,000 Specialty chemicals
  •  +25,000 new products per year
  •  Innovations directly from the front ranks of research
  • Exclusive partners for unique chemicals
  •  User-friendly webshop with many search options
  •  More than 65 chemistry relevant databases and portals available
  •  Procurement team with +30 years of experience in procurement 
  • Logistics center in Germany with fast, worldwide delivery
  • Tailor-made packaging according to your needs
  •  Established quality management - ISO 9001 since 1998