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The world of abcr specialty chemicals is multifaceted, fascinating and constantly changing. Our news section will keep you up to date about current developments and innovations. Whether news and press releases about our company or product and service novelties – the abcr news & information section always has the latest on specialty chemicals.

News - 20 years abcr & HöganäsNews - 20 years abcr & Höganäs

20 years of cooperation between Höganäs & abcr GmbH

Press release 05.07.2021

The world's leading metal powder manufacturer Höganäs has trusted the expertise of abcr GmbH for 20 years.

News - RICT 2021News - RICT 2021

RICT 2021

News 21.06.2021

We invite you to visit us in our virtual space at the 56th International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry.
7th to 9th July, 2021.

News - Updated General Terms and Conditions of Sale of abcr GmbHNews - Updated General Terms and Conditions of Sale of abcr GmbH

Updated General Terms and Conditions of Sale of abcr GmbH

News 15.06.2021

We have adjusted our General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTCS) due to changes in case law. These GTCS correspond to the legal situation as of 28.02.2021.

The text is published in German. The only purpose of its publication in other languages is to facilitate understanding.

News - NLS Days 2021News - NLS Days 2021

Nordic Life Science Days 2021

News 20.04.2021

We invite you to visit us in our live and virtual space at the digital Nordic Life Science Days on 20th to 23rd April 2021.

News - abcr UK Ltd.News - abcr UK Ltd.

abcr UK Ltd.

News 01.01.2021

We are available until and including December 23rd 2020.
From December 24th 2020 to January 3rd 2021 we will enjoy the holidays and celebrate with our families.

From January 4th 2021 you can reach us again during our regular business hours.

News - Happy Holidays 2020News - Happy Holidays 2020

Gute Chemie is personal... abcr Opening hours end of December

News 16.10.2020

We are available until and including December 23rd 2020.
From December 24th 2020 to January 3rd 2021 we will enjoy the holidays and celebrate with our families.

From January 4th 2021 you can reach us again during our regular business hours.

News - abcr eco_antimicNews - abcr eco_antimic

abcr eco_antimic©

News 07.10.2020

More and more microorganisms are coming into focus because of their health-endangering properties. The formation of multi-resistant germs is one of the big challenges for new, sensible solutions. To equip all surfaces antimicrobial – even in water-bearing systems – abcr eco_antimic© from abcr GmbH is a proven alternative.

News - abcr WebshopNews - abcr Webshop

abcr Webshop – your quick access to Gute Chemie

News 01.10.2020

Welcome to – our new online shop with more than 400,000 speciality chemicals for research & industry. Specially tailored to your processes, extensive abcr services support you from custom synthesis to extended quality management.

Your path to Si compounds & Si building blocks – for research & industry

News 01.08.2020

Gute Chemie – abcr Si catalogue with 3,500 organic and inorganic Si compounds, more than 1,000 Si building blocks and worldwide unique innovations for research & industry of the highest quality and purity.

abcr france SAS

News 01.05.2020

  • Direct access to 400,000 products  
  • Simple business processing in national language  
  • Support of French research communities by abcr france SAS

We are there for you!

News 26.03.2020

abcr continues to supply you with almost no limitations.

The health and safety of our customers, partners, employees, families and society in general are currently our top priority. We are obliged to minimise the spread of the coronavirus amongst them.

abcr swiss AG

News 01.05.2020

  • Direct access to our 400,000 products via abcr swiss AG 
  • Easier customs clearing procedures 
  • Freight-free delivery – for purchases more than 150 CHF 
  • Simple business processing in the language and currency of your country 

abcr care – special care for your products 

News 01.05.2020

Are you using raw materials that require special attention and careful handling? abcr is equipped to meet your needs. We secure your procurement processes and minimise potential risks for raw material usage at critical production points. We ensure that good chemistry is the end result. 

Small-quantity distribution of Höganäs

News 01.05.2020

Gute Chemie connects – For more than 18 years, we have been the exclusive small volume distributor of Höganäs’ high-performance ceramic powders. Our focus is on individually tailored units for test and production processes, research institutes or universities around the globe. 

Life Science – Unique Building Blocks for MedChem

News 01.05.2020

6,000 new and unique syntheses for drug discovery available in the abcr shop.
Scale-up from several kg-units to commercial scale.

Innovations for pharmaceutical research – exclusive to abcr

News 01.05.2020

  • Small quantities in gram scale available from abcr stock
  • Bulk quantities on request
  • Orders placed directly via webshop

Happy Holidays 2019 – Holiday season at abcr

News 12.12.2019

Gute Chemie lives from consistency you can rely on. This quality will also be provided to you next year – valuable, trust-worthy and binding!

abcr service lab Laboratory Inauguration

News 10.10.2019

Thank you for the many congratulations on the opening of our abcr service laboratory in Bruchsal on 10.10.2019. We are pleased to announce that we are now at your disposal with many new possibilities and we look forward to your inquiries.

Die abcr GmbH und die Enzymicals AG vertiefen die Zusammenarbeit.

Press release 13.03.2019 and 23.03.2018

To make the delivery of catalogue products more effectively, the abcr GmbH will handle the entire ordering process of Enzymicals catalogue products. This includes the preparation of offers, order confirmations, shipping and billing.

Christmas 2018 – Gute Chemie. Keeps moving

News 12.12.2018

We would like to keep in motion with you and thank you for the trust and the good cooperation with a symbol of good luck for a long life and continued success.

Unser neuer Vertriebspartner – Scharlab Brasil S/A

News 18.08.2017

Im Rahmen der strategischen Weiterentwicklung der abcr GmbH sind wir stolz darauf, den Ausbau unserer Aktivitäten nach Brasilien bekannt zu geben, indem wir einen neuen Vertriebskanal durch Scharlab Brasil Material para Laboratórios S/A schaffen. Scharlab Brasil S/A übernimmt die Vertretung und den Handel unserer Produkte auf dem brasilianischen Markt.

osKarl 2017 in Karlsruhe – Wir gratulieren!

News 11.08.2017

Am 1. Juli durfte abcr-Geschäftsführer Dr. Jan Schuricht für den Forscherpreis „osKarl“ als Jurymitglied den Sonderpreis zum Thema „Chemie“ vergeben. Zusammen mit wissenschaftlichen Einrichtungen, Hochschulen oder Unternehmen arbeiteten wissbegierige Schülerinnen und Schüler von Klasse 1 bis 13 an eigenen Forschungsprojekten.

abcr ist Sponsor des iGEM-Projekts

News 01.08.2017

In diesem Jahr stellt sich die Universität Bielefeld im Rahmen des „international Genetically Engineered Machine“ (iGEM) Wettbewerbs der Herausforderung. Das Projektziel der Bielefelder ist die Herstellung eines Tool-Kits für die Integration von nicht-kanonischen Aminosäuren in Proteine mithilfe von unnatürlichen Basen in E. coli.

YIN Lecture Series sponsored by abcr

News 07.12.2016 | 18.04.2017 | 10.10.2017

  • Optical Microscopy: The Resolution Revolution – Prof. Stefan Hell
  • From Supramolecular Chemistry towards Adaptive Chemistry – Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn
  • Supermassive Black Holes – Prof. Guinevere Kauffmann

Fluor VIP Event – Lecture Dr. Vladimir Grushin

News 13.09.2016

On the beautiful sunny day of September 13, 2016, abcr GmbH, Karlsruhe, was pleased to welcome a group of its customers and collaborators from both industry and academia for a special event, an invited seminar by Dr. Vladimir Grushin of K&G Technologies LLC, WY, USA. In his talk 'Direct Cupration of Fluoroform: From Waste to High-Value Trifluoromethylated Compounds', Vladimir Grushin shared his results on the development of novel methods to efficiently trifluoromethylate a variety of substrates in the most economical way.