Kyocera products from abcr. Gute Chemie 

Together we can achieve more – for years, abcr. Gute Chemie has been the exclusive sales and logistics partner of KYOCERA Fineceramics Europe GmbH. The company is based in the Bavarian town of Selb and one of the worldwide leading producers of high-precision, premium ceramics components and powder for applications in various branches.  

In cooperation with Kyocera, abcr. Gute Chemie supplies StarCeram® powders in small quantities. 

We deliver individual units, tailored to our customers’ R & D and production processes. abcr has taken over the worldwide order and sales responsibility for KYOCERA Fineceramics Europe GmbH for small quantities from a few 100 g to 100 kg.

Kyocera ceramics componentsKyocera ceramics components

Our Kyocera powder delivery scope includes  

  • StarCeram® S / Alpha-SiC powders
  • StarCeram® S / Alpha-SiC ready to press
  • StarCeram® N / Alpha-Si3N4 ready to press

We are optimally prepared for your requirements. Simply order Kyocera products from abcr. We directly deliver StarCeram® powders to you ex-abcr storage with Kyocera’s certificate of analysis and safety data sheet. 

Our sales and logistics department guarantees short delivery times within one to two days ex-factory and high delivery reliability. Moreover, you also have access to Kyocera technical support.