abcr service lab: consultation, synthesis and optimization 

We offer customized individual syntheses for our customers. We know – there is no such thing as ready-made innovative chemical products off the rack.

Our service for special chemicals fulfils complex tasks:  

  • We comprehensively advise customers in regard to initial syntheses. 
  • De-novo synthesis of exceptionally complex molecules and compounds for various industrial areas (such as pharma, material sciences, life science) 
  • We optimize syntheses and advise our customers in order to discover efficient or cost-effective synthesis routes and thereby increase yields and purities. 

abcr’s internal state-of-the-art chemistry lab on a space of 600 mis available to our experts for any form of synthesis. Chemists with many years of experience and a scientific background from prior collaboration with worldwide renowned research institutes work here. 

The individual service package: customised syntheses for any requirement

  • Modern synthesis techniques 
  • Complex organic molecules 
  • Synthesis of fluorinating compounds  
  • Synthesis of spiro compounds 
  • Synthesis of chiral compounds 

Analysis: Quick determination of substances 

Our analysis lab quickly provides clarity. We characterise chemicals and purify compounds. Our extensive network of service providers allows us to perform special comprehensive analyses for our partners.  

Benefit from our facilities at the abcr service lab 

  • 23 fully equipped table fume hoods in the synthesis lab  
  • Special equipment for aggressive compounds such as HF, NH3, Cl2 
  • Floor-to-ceiling fume hood for large apparatuses and applications 
  • Night-time lab for long-term experiments in a controlled and safe environment 
  • Glovebox for working with air and humidity-sensitive as well as pyrophoric compounds 
  • Schlenk apparatuses for the synthesis of sensitive chemicals and compounds 
  • Cryogenic equipment for cryogenic media such as liquid nitrogen 
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure  
  • Comprehensive technical lab equipment 

Equipment in the kilo lab 

  • Two special walkable enclosures for synthesis reactors in the kilo lab 
  • Synthesis reactors from glass  
    - 20 & 30-litre volumes
    - Operating temperatures from -60°C to +200°C
    - Syntheses possible under inter-conditions
  • Large-scale rotary evaporator 
    - 20-litre volume 
  • Pressure reactor
    - Operating temperatures from -10 to 250°C 
    - 5-litre volume 
    - Operating pressure up to 60 bar 
  • Spray drier for small quantities in the laboratory standard 
  • High-temperature furnace up to 1200 °C 

Analytics with high-end technology 

  • NMR spectroscopy (multi-core) 
  • Mass spectroscopy 
  • UV-vis spectroscopy 
  • IR spectroscopy 
  • Elementary analysis 
  • HPLC analysis 
  • GC analysis 

abcr service lab: Special chemicals from gram to kilo 

Our customers benefit from quick procurement, short transport paths and our chemists’, comprehensive technical expertise and market knowledge. We have many solvents and raw materials in stock and can offer our customers the quickest possible implementation. The site is located near Karlsruhe and the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region and directly connects to it via start-of-the-art infrastructure. 

The abcr service lab is optimally prepared for your individual requirements: 

  • In the synthesis lab, we are able to produce small quantities in milligrams and grams. 
  • We can process synthesis orders in kilogram quantities in the kilo lab . 
  • At abcr labs , we also process orders in the tonne standard.