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What do you think about when you hear ‘Gute Chemie’? About good products – or people who get along?
Since our founding in 1987, we have combined both aspects. It is our pleasure to invite you to experience all the different facets of Gute Chemie.

Why GUTE CHEMIE – because it is driven by the commitment of our employees

In 2013, it was once again time to set sail and find answers to some key questions:
What is the essence of abcr? What does abcr stand for?

The abcr name was created by our company’s founder Dr Norbert Braunagel and until today stands for a better choice for research - a vision that all of us still pursue today. We now want to add a somewhat ‘light + catchy’ element to our company name abcr, something that establishes a connection to the values and mission of our entire company - a claim.

Gute Chemie ist personal Gute Chemie ist personal
Development of a claim Gute ChemieDevelopment of a claim Gute Chemie

The development of a claim started with a workshop that sought answers to questions like: What does abcr stand for? What distinguishes abcr? What do you think are abcr’s strengths and weaknesses? Which product brands do you prefer on a very personal level? List 3 characteristics you associate with abcr? Is the fact that abcr is a family-owned company more of an advantage or a disadvantage? What is it that you appreciate most about abcr? And many other questions...

An essential theme quickly took shape from the collected questionnaires: We are personal, we are good at what we do, we come with the right chemistry - GUTE CHEMIE - both in terms of products as well as between people. 

Why GUTE CHEMIE - because GUTE CHEMIE offers versatility

  • 400,000 specialty chemicals from a single source
  • Specialty chemicals in volumes from grams to tons
  • Individual units and packaging
  • Products from the abcr synthesis laboratory
  • Outstanding and consistent quality
  • Professional high-quality storage

Why GUTE CHEMIE - because GUTE CHEMIE focuses on the customer

  • Comprehensive service - Global customer support
  • Sourcing network - expertise since 1987
  • In-house synthesis laboratory - tailor-made products
  • Extended supplier management - assured supply chain
  • Global logistics services - in conformity with European regulatory requirements (Reach and customs clearance)
  • Sustainability - Family-owned company with registered office in Germany & Europe
  • A European alternative to West and East
  • Smooth business - short decision-making processes, high flexibility, customer focus

Why GUTE CHEMIE? Because GUTE CHEMIE is personal

  • Reliable and personal contact to customers and suppliers
  • Customer-focused cooperation
  • Dedicated contact person during the entire process
  • Respectful communications in a responsible environment
  • High degree of technical expertise and problem-solving competency
  • 70 percent of our employees are chemists and chemical engineers
  • Concentrated expertise in a global network
  • On request: Implementation of e-commerce solutions

    GUTE CHEMIE - it’s that simple

‘In the future, business ideas will have an even stronger footing in responsibility for humans and the natural environment. Sustainability and innovations are the essential key drivers for the sustainable and continuous growth of our company’.

QUOTE  -  Jens Ehle, Marketing Manager