Small-quantity distribution of Höganäs products by abcr 

Gute Chemie connects – For more than 18 years, we have been the exclusive small volume distributor of Höganäs’ high-performance ceramic powders. Our focus is on individually tailored units for test and production processes, research institutes or universities around the globe.  

Höganäs Advanced Ceramic PowdersHöganäs Advanced Ceramic Powders

Our Höganäs product portfolio includes 

  • BoridesCrB ▪CrB2 ▪ LaB6 ▪ SiB6 ▪ TiB2 ▪ ZrB2 
  • Boronamorphous + crystalline 
  • CarbidesB4C ▪ Cr3C2 ▪ Beta-SiC ▪ TiC ▪ WTiC ▪ ZrC 
  • NitridesAIN ▪ BN ▪ Si3N4 ▪ TiN ▪ Ti (C, N) 
  • SilicidesMoSi2 
  • OxidesY2O3 
  • OthersSi 


We supply small quantities from 100 grams to 100 kg from our warehouse in Karlsruhe. Shipping includes Höganäs’ certificate of analysis and safety data sheet. Our logistics department guarantees short delivery times – usually within one to two days – ex-factory and high delivery reliability. In addition, our customers have access to the technical support of Höganäs. 

About Höganäs 

The renowned company Höganäs, headquartered in Sweden, produces high-quality ceramic powders for numerous applications. The company’s portfolio includes non-oxidic ceramics powders with emphasis on boron, boride, carbide and nitride powders, which are manufactured exclusively in Germany. Höganäs products are used in thermal management, automotive industry, pyrotechnics, technical ceramics, solar industry and in electronics.  

The cooperation with abcr is an expression of the customer orientation of one of the most successful ceramics powder manufacturers worldwide. Technical support and extensive material expertise are part of the unique service portfolio of the Höganäs group. In addition to standard qualities, the Höganäs experts also develop unique and customer-specific ceramic and metal powders that meet defined requirements in terms of chemical composition, particle size distribution and morphology.