abcr offers a variety of high-performance electronics materials

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The market for electronic products covers many sectors.
To name some examples:

  • Semiconductors
  • High-performance materials
  • Printed electronics
  • MEMS (“Microelectromechanical Systems”/Microchips)
  • NEMS (“Nanoelectromechanical Systems”)
  • LED, OLED, LCD plus
  • Photovoltaics and
  • Solar cells

Various fine chemicals such as organometallic products, silanes and siloxanes as well as specialty gases are used in every sector. These specialty electronics materials are the focus of abcr – including

  • packaging expertise,
  • guarantee of consistent quality and
  • change management,

– so important in this area.


Growth in the semiconductor industry – and in the market for semiconductor materials – has accelerated rapidly over the past few decades. This development has led to new challenges for manufacturers of fine chemicals. Their goal: to be able to meet the requirements of market-leading companies in the provision of innovative molecules. New precursors for deposition processes, materials for surface modification, optical coatings as well as etching and chamber cleaning gases are always in demand. The growth of the industry will continue into the future with new application options for these high-performance materials.

Optical dielectric layers are used in many everyday devices. The most common consumer products are flat screens. However, optical dielectrics are also found in the image sensors in  cameras and solar panels. abcr supports this industry in its constant pursuit of innovative optical coatings and anti-reflective coatings with many rare siloxanes – some of which are produced only for these special applications.

Gute Chemie for the electronics industry

abcr also offers ALD and CVD precursors for semiconductor and thin film applications from R&D to commercial scale. The need for miniaturisation for electronic components while improving their performance will continue to drive this market in the future.

The ALD process can be used to deposit multi-component thin films of transition metals and silicon with extreme precision. In this way, a single homogeneous layer is formed. The ALD process has the ability to produce both metallic and dielectric layers, depending on the precursor. The portfolio of fine chemical precursors is constantly growing. Manufacturers need to meet market demands in terms of scale, purity of chemicals as well as quality standards in all aspects of business. In this context too, abcr is an excellent partner to many leading companies in this field.

  • Gases for etching and chamber cleaning as well as
  • Gases for metallisation

represent further product segments in the microelectronics industry. As a specialist supplier of fluorochemicals, abcr has many fluorinated compounds. Some of these can be used for such special applications. For example, metallisation can be achieved with ReF6 or WF6, while CF4 and ClF3 are used for chamber cleaning and etching. Our fluorinated gases are packaged in convenient cylinders of different sizes – depending on the application in research or on a kg laboratory scale.