abcr labs – flexible production platform for customised syntheses  

Our commitment to special chemicals knows no bounds or national borders. Against this background, abcr opened a production facility for fine chemicals and special materials in Forcarei/Spain in 2010. abcr labs S.L. is a large-scale production site for customised syntheses, product and process development, scale-up and commercialisation in a space of 6000 m2.

On five days a week, qualified employees work around the clock on premium products and processes. The focus of abcr labs is primarily on silicon and metalorganic chemistry. 

abcr labs is a flexible production platform with an R&D laboratory, kilo lab, pilot facility and production sites for large-scale projects. The analysis lab offers technical support and testing for raw materials as well as for processed and finished products or production sequences.  

abcr labs expands our product portfolio with an important contribution and additionally secures the supply of renowned pharmaceutical, chemical and materials science-oriented companies with silanes, siloxanes and silicon compounds. Our customers integrate us in all phases: from product development to the laboratory standard all the way to commercial products in quantities from grammes to tonnes.  

Chemical process equipment from abcr labs 

Chemical process equipment from abcr labs uses batch, semi-batch, reactive distillation and continuous process technology. 

Chemical process

  • Grignard Reagents
  • Si-C Coupling Reactions
    Alkyl Lithium, Benkeser, Grignard,Hydrosilylation
  • Wurtz Coupling
  • Suzuki Coupling
  • Phase Transfer
  • Halogenation
    Chlorination, Fluorination
  • LAH Reduction
  • Hydrogenation
  • Silylation
  • Alkoxylation/Esterification
  • Methylation
  • Transesterification
  • Acetylation
  • Amination
  • Ammonolysis
  • Condensation
  • Hydrolysis
  • Ring Opening Polymerization
    Living Anionic, Anionic, Cationic


  • NMR Spectrometer - 400 MHz
  • Gas chromatography - TCD & FID detectors
  • Gel-Permeations- Chromatography - GPC
  • Acid/Base titrations
  • FT-IR
  • Karl Fischer titration
  • Mohr’s Titration (Silver nitrate)
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Viscometer
  • Refractive index
  • Melting point
  • Flash Point
  • Solids Testing
  • GC-MS
  • Analytical services ext.


For more than 30 years, abcr has supplied companies around the world with special chemicals in lab and bulk quantities. 

Our products have a broad application range: 

  • as silylation agents and protection groups 
  • as reductants 
  • for derivatisation reactions 
  • for organic synthesis 
  • for bioactive reactions 
  • as blocking agents 
  • as adhesive agents 
  • for surface modification  
  • for thin film deposition  
  • for optical and conductive coatings 
  • for catalysis 
  • for polymer synthesis