abcr R&D services – new paths to new products and processes 

Our employees bring their many years of experience in synthesis development and optimisation, feasibility studies and contract research to the table in order to jointly meet our customers’ challenges. We are always focussed on your requirements and wishes.

The world of special chemicals is constantly changing. Products and processes are constantly evolving. New products and production procedures are being developed.

Synthesis development – tailored and creative 

The idea comes first, which ultimately leads to an effective and reproducible synthesis plan after extensive scientific work performed by our chemistry experts. The abcr service lab creates individual routes for unique compounds. We have many years of experience and already performed many successful initial syntheses.  

Our path to new syntheses includes the following steps:

  • We develop a synthesis plan that is simple, effective and reproducible and guarantees high yield and purity.  
  • We avoid undesired by-products, ensure short processing times and a quick implementation by means of a synthesis plan. 
  • We provide transparency and open up various solution approaches for new syntheses.  
  • Whether small quantities in grams or larger quantities in kilogrammes – we develop precisely fitting synthesis routes at our kilo lab. 

Benefit from our experience: We have realised numerous projects for the synthesis of new and previously unknown, complex organic molecules, among other things in the areas of fluorinating compounds, spiro compounds and pure enantiomer chiral compounds. 


Our customers trust our expertise.

Whether long-established or currently rare synthesis techniques or state-of-the-art applications – our employees are experienced and highly qualified and use their expertise for the benefit of our customers. We also have access to a large network of partner laboratories with wide-ranging chemical expertise. Our internal and external knowledge is continuously bundled and documented in an intelligent manner. 

Time and cost savings with abcr synthesis optimisation 

We provide our customers with the potential for optimisation and increased efficiency through synthesis optimisation. Our abcr service lab tests and verifies existing synthesis routes with respect to cost and time savings.  

We adapt existing synthesis routes and take into account if a synthesis route needs to be adapted due to changed guidelines and safety regulations, for example because certain chemicals or solvents are prohibited from use.  

We work for the interests of our customers and remain focussed on problem-solving.  

Testing what’s possible – feasibility studies by abcr 

Products and applications especially in the industry branches of pharma, materials sciences and OLED constantly demand new, previously unknown compounds. We know: Concept models and sketches already exist before new compounds or new applications emerge. Our customers seek out our expertise as a way to test their ideas. We examine realisation opportunities based on individual customer-specific guidelines. We examine multiple selective cases in regard to feasibility, determine necessary parameters and document each individual step that is to be performed. Independently of the result of the study, our customers receive comprehensible documentation of our work. 

Your “extended workbench” at abcr 

We gladly take on contract research according to full-time equivalents (FTEs). Do you require an extended workbench and support for your own research department? We perform research according to your exact specifications and provide regular interim reports in order to coordinate and reconfigure goals if required. We document our work in a detailed final report. The gained expertise remains your property.