abcr decanting: Special chemicals optimally prepared in line with the process

We coordinate our activities perfectly to your processes and requirements. One of our major strengths involves routine handling with products that call for particular care. We fill special chemicals in exactly the quantity you need.

In this way, we ensure the highest purity and accuracy. Our semiautomatic decanting plant can proportion quantities precisely down to the thousandth of a gram. No matter whether liquid, gas, powder or granulate – we pack your products just the way you wish and perfectly coordinated to your processes. 

Individual containers – bespoke to your needs 

We know exactly how much you rely on products that can be integrated seamlessly in an existing industrial production process or research project. “Tailormade” is a matter of course for us. You define the height, form, colour or functionality of the repackaging for our products. Your process description allows us to sketch out ideas for optimal units of the special chemicals. We also offer special labels and extended documentation.

Refilling of fine chemicals with the highest standards 

We simplify your procurement processes. That saves you time and costs. Our decanting service is an important service for you, especially when you cannot decant special chemicals yourself. We can order and store products from almost all countries in larger containers. Requirements-oriented decanting into smaller volumes for our customers is then the next step. Precise quantity requirements, requested packaging with technically high standards and global logistics – this is everyday routine in the abcr decanting service.

We therefore allocate large containers to customer-specific, smaller quantities and packages. When doing so, we take heed of the requirements of downstream processing. Our decanting service thus provides ideal prerequisites for functional logistic and simplified upstream processing of our carefully tested and packed products, including special labels and documentation.

Decanting and labelling of special chemicals follow the highest standards regarding quality and due care. When it comes to decanting and packing the chemicals, we go one step further than our competitors. Our decanting service is an extremely high-quality service in which we focus on safety and security. The double to triple checking principle in quality assurance is mandatory for us and certified in accordance with ISO 9001.