From grams to tonnes: abcr bulk and sourcing

You need larger amounts of chemicals in the semi-bulk and bulk range?

Our service is honed to providing what you need with a flexible and reliable delivery and logistics chain. We can import and export almost any chemicals available worldwide while handling the customs processing and – depending on hazard class – also the dangerous goods transport.

Customer-specific syntheses from small volumes through to the semi-bulk range, we produce in our abcr service lab in Germany. In our European production, we manufacture bulk volumes for direct application in your industrial processes.

With abcr Gute Chemie – we also understand longstanding partnerships with qualified suppliers. We find reliable producers throughout the world and assess these via audits on-site in the manufacturer’s plant. To safeguard the supply chain, we can establish other sources of supply if and when needed. We ensure the protection of intellectual property rights (IP) through NDA with suppliers and customers, among other things.

It goes without saying that compliance is extremely important. We can therefore accompany you through the REACH procedure. Our abcr care team is specialised in products with special regulatory requirements and high standards in regard to quality management.

Gute Chemie – from micrograms to tonnes.

abcr sourcing with 30 years of experience and
more than 8,000 suppliers worldwide.

Let us help you with

  • Finding producers worldwide
  • Evaluation of suppliers
  • Audit at the producer’s plant
  • Establishing a second source
  • IP protection through NDA
  • Third party procurement
  • abcr custom synthesis in Germany
  • abcr industrial production in Europe

Wobei wir Ihnen helfen können

  • Suche nach Herstellern auf der ganzen Welt
  • Bewertung von Lieferanten
  • Audit in der Produktionsstätte
  • Schaffung einer zweiten Bezugsquelle
  • Schutz des geistigen Eigentums durch das Abschließen eines NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)
  • Fremdbezug
  • abcr-Kundensynthesen in Deutschland
  • abcr-Industrieproduktion in Europa

What we do beyond chemistry

  • Documentation e.g. MSDS, CoA, RoHS, SVHC, BSE/TSE, Confl ict minerals and others
  • Secure and legal transport according to IATA, ADR, IMO
  • Tailormade packing in every unit and container
  • Compliance assistance for REACH and other regulations
  • Complaint management

abcr sourcing – good contacts to Gute Chemie

Is what you need not among the 400,000 products? Our sourcing team can help. Our staff use exclusive procurement sources throughout the world, drawing on an extensive network of reliable suppliers. Having been built up over many years based on the market and industry knowledge of our experts, we foster these networks intensively. We ensure this through personal contacts, on-site visits and optimal supplier management, including auditing.
Our logistics chain covers everything – we also supply specific batches. This allows us to track which customers receive products from a particular batch at any time, thereby guaranteeing transparency and certainty.


Good contacts – Gute Chemie – worldwide.