abcr care – special care for your products 

Are you using raw materials that require special attention and careful handling? abcr is equipped to meet your needs. We secure your procurement processes and minimise potential risks for raw material usage at critical production points. We ensure that good chemistry is the end result. 


abcr – care means service with 

abcr care sealabcr care seal

For years, many renowned customers have placed their trust in our competences as we continuously adapt our services to increasing requirements for processes and products in a customer-oriented manner.  

Manufacturers from the branches of medicinal chemistry, medical engineering, in-vitro diagnostics, pharmaceutics and other heavily regulated industry branches have relied on our extensive experience in handling special chemicals for many years.  

We developed our service programme ‘abcr care’ for handling raw materials at sensitive production points (e.g. ISO 13485 / API / Intermediates / GMP). Our programme includes comprehensive and targeted quality management as well as individual processes and expanded document management specifically tailored to your requirements. 

Good chemistry also stands for this: Since 1998, abcr has been fully certified in all operational areas according to ISO (DIN EN ISO 9001). 

Customers benefit from risk mitigation due to gapless tracking and securing of processes, from the order to outgoing goods. Each article from the abcr catalogue and our abcr service lab can become an abcr care product.  

Resources are a scarce and valuable commodity, especially in the current economic situation. Acting forcefully makes no sense if the pursued direction is wrong.  

Corrective interventions are possible at any time with a QM system, which is why sensible processes and procedures, clear structures and the right key figures are important in order to determine whether the right path is being pursued.  

Knowledge also plays an important role for the ISO standard version. Efficient management systems with well thought-out processes and quality assurance measures demonstrate their value at this point. Companies remain capable of acting even if the team changes. 

We have experienced an enormous benefit within our “living” system – we are ready. 

QUOTE – Dr. Christoph Hussal – abcr Innovation Center 

abcr care – for higher quality demands 

abcr care consists of various modules that are accompanied by specifically trained personnel with respective industry expertise – for each chemical and each unit and for all processes. Our ability to adapt is our strength. We are able to optimally adjust to your production processes.  

Compile your individual abcr care programme:  

Comprehensive quality management 

We accompany each delivery with transparent process tracking documentation. Quality, confidentiality and delivery protection agreements are a matter of course for us. Product-specific statements ensure better risk mitigation. Quality assurance and traceability are guaranteed based on this expanded documentation. We are able to accommodate customer-specific requirements at any time, from order to delivery. Customised syntheses in the lab or kilo standard from the abcr service lab are produced according to the usual abcr quality guidelines and are subject to continuous process optimisation. QM-guided production stipulations range from the selection of raw materials and equipment to a structured and clean approach and quality control by means of established analysis methods. Confidentiality and exclusivity of products and/or synthesis procedures are guaranteed. 

Integrated change management 

Product-related quality agreements including change control with our suppliers or with the abcr service lab for abcr products guarantee that information about quality-relevant product changes is provided early – such as raw material deviations, adjustments in the production process or supplier location changes. Test-method changes or structural changes are also monitored upon customer request. 

Special customer-specific analytics 

In addition to our standard analysis (NMR spectroscopy), our special analytics include additional analyses upon customer request in accordance with the customer’s methods such as chromatographic methods, stability tests or optical imaging processes – including a detailed analysis report.  

Individual retention samples

We are also happy to provide retention samples per batch or delivery, which we can store over longer time periods according to the customer’s specifications. We are able to perform regular analyses of retention samples upon customer request. 

Specific batch management 

We offer batch reservations and on-call deliveries for a defined article amount. These batch products provide consistent quality as well as improved identification and traceability. “Secure your batch and storage space.” 

Customer-oriented logistics 

We precisely package products that require special care according to the customer’s specification and also, among other things, provide temperature monitoring for refrigerated transports. We develop customised packaging designs for customer-specific applications – such as: selecting appropriate container materials from glass to plastic and stainless steel or process-optimal seals and individual label adjustments. Moreover, we offer further advantages by taking over the entire shipping process and customs regulation for import & export and even for REACH registrationsThe complete preparatory R&D work and production by our abcr service lab – located in Germany – guarantee quick delivery security, short and direct communication paths and consistent quality. 

Customer-coordinated delivery audit 

We secure the quality and purity of raw materials & production processes by means of auditing our suppliers worldwide in close coordination with our customers. We thereby ensure gapless documentation and supply chains. Our customers receive a detailed audit report and are able to save expenditure & resources. We accompany customer audits from small production amounts to the kilo standard. 

abcr care modulesabcr care modules