400,000 possibilities for your research 

Scientists in all fields of chemistry need a vast variety of substances to synthesize the one product that can change the world.

Easy access to the chemicals you are looking for.

Find the right compound for your needs with 400,000 specialty chemicals in an extremely user-friendly webshop. The abcr portfolio includes compounds for a variety of markets like pharma, crop science, material science, surface treatment, electronic industry and many more. You could connect our catalogue to all known platforms in the market or to your internal purchasing system. 

Still have not found what you are looking for? abcr’s friendly and competent staff helps you to find your substance around the world.  abcr can even propose a custom synthesis  in abcr’s own laboratory or from one of our qualified partners. 


High quality, fast delivery worldwide and fair prices. 

  •  400,000 specialty chemicals 
  •  ++25,000 new compounds added every year straight from the forefront of academic and industrial research 
  •  Available via 65 chemistry-related databases and portals 
  • Exclusive partners  for unique chemicals 
  •  User-friendly webshop with many search possibilities 
  •  Strong sourcing team with >30 years of experience in finding everything everywhere 
  • Logistics center in Germany with fast delivery worldwide 
  • Tailor-made repacking according to your needs 
  • ISO 9001 for 20 years 
abcr e-commerce partner and integrations abcr e-commerce partner and integrations

E-Procurement – Catalogue Linking for abcr Customers 

Electronic procurement encompasses digital supplier catalogues, marketplaces and the integration of supplier shops. Customers thereby have access to their individual product selection and prices. Order processes are automated and archived. 

e-procurement solutions reduce time-consuming routine tasks for purchasing while lowering costs. Employees are able to increasingly devote themselves to essential strategic tasks. 

abcr e-commerce partner + integrations 

  • ARIBA 
  • OCI / EDI (SAP) 
  • and many more 

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