abcr and Enzymicals use synergies for enzyme-based catalysis 

We are convinced of the following: Cooperation between companies is a win-win situation for both sides. A good example of this is our collaboration with the biotechnology company Enzymicals AG based in Greifswald. We jointly coordinate our worldwide trade relationships.

Enzyme-based catalysis gives customers a direct path to chiral building blocks. We also keep sustainability aspects in mind.

In the past, many of the conventional catalysed processes were based on precious metal catalysis. This process enables a wide range of reactions and often takes place under drastic conditions – including high temperatures and pressures. In turn, enzymes have the remarkable ability to accelerate chemical reactions under mild conditions. This enables synthesis of complex chiral molecules with extreme precision and is therefore more cost-effective.

Enzymicals AG offers professional support in the field of enzyme catalysis – from screening solutions and a protein expression service to customised enzymes and processes for industrial use.

abcr GmbH is the preferred trading partner of Enzymicals AG. This means that our customers have access to the original Enzymicals products, application expertise as well as scientific and technical information. Having amassed nearly 40 years of experience in the distribution and dispatch of all types of chemical products, the company is able to guarantee reliable, fast transport routes. This ensures quality-compliant shipping of temperature-sensitive enzymes around the world.

Encymicals biocatalytic toolbox contains such as: 

  • Esterases 
  • Lipases 
  • Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenases 
  • Transaminases 
  • Imine reductases 
  • Halohydrin dehalogenases 
  • Phosphotransferases 
  • Aminoacylases 

The ordering procedure of Enzymicals catalogue products will be processed by abcr.

Press release of March the 13th, 2019

GREIFSWALD/ KARLSRUHE. To make the delivery of catalogue products more effectively, the abcr GmbH will handle the entire ordering process of Enzymicals catalogue products. This includes the preparation of offers, order confirmations, shipping and billing.

abcr GmbH is the preferred trading partner of Enzymicals AG and, in addition to several subsidiaries in Europe, also has locations in India, Japan, Brazil and the USA. The company has extensive experience in selling and shipping of chemical products of all kinds and has reliable, fast transport routes.  This ensures in a special way the save and quality-oriented shipping of temperature-sensitive enzymes worldwide.

In addition to orders placed at Enzymicals, selected enzymes can be ordered via the abcr web shop in standard packaging since March 2018.

In any case, customers will receive original Enzymicals products and Enzymicals will remain the contact for all questions regarding the application of enzymes and scientific information. All non-catalog products will continue to be shipped by Enzymicals AG.

Special chemical manufacturers abcr GmbH and Enzymicals AG want to make use of synergies.

Press release of March 23rd, 2018

GREIFSWALD/ KARLSRUHE. Because we work better together - the biotechnology company Enzymicals AG, based in Greifswald, and the Karlsruhe-based abcr GmbH are intensifying their collaboration in catalogue business. The two internationally active companies have now entered into an agreement for a global trade relationship. Each company benefits from the expertise of the other.

For Enzymicals AG, this specifically means the inclusion of selected enzymes for biotechnology as well as special chemoenzymatically produced chemicals in the abcr catalogue. At the same time, Enzymicals benefits from the cooperation by way of abcr GmbH’s established global sales structure and more than 30 years of experience on the market.

Product expansion allows abcr to offer its customers new/further options in innovative synthesis. Standard units can be easily ordered worldwide via the abcr web shop - and at the same prices as Enzymicals. More international visibility, access to new markets and customers, and an increase in sales thanks to the use of synergies are ostensible aims for both cooperation partners.