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Hydrogen Peroxide, 35% w/w aqueous solution, Biozid Grade

AB599496 | CAS 7722-84-1

Evonik - Leading Beyond Chemistry

Hydrogen Peroxide, 35% w/w aqueous solution, Biozid Grade

AB107020 | CAS 7722-84-1

abcr. Gute Chemie – small-quantity supplier for OXTERIL® 350 VHP

‘Gute Chemie’ (good chemistry) is based on good relationships. abcr is the official sales and logistics partner for small quantities of OXTERIL® 350 VHP from Evonik. We offer individual units – specially adapted for research & development, as well as for production process requirements all over the world, with flexible availability from our warehouse. abcr undertakes the worldwide order and delivery responsibilities for Evonik, for quantities from kilograms to tonnes. Since our founding in 1987, we have understood that ‘Gute Chemie’ (good chemistry) means excellent service and good relationships with customers and suppliers. Thus, our cooperation with Evonik joins the ranks of other reliable long-term collaborations with renowned companies in the area of specialty chemicals. 

As an official partner of Evonik, we offer you great opportunities  

  •  Availability from our warehouse in quantities from 1 to 1100 kg  
  • Units and packaging tailored to your specific needs
  •  abcr certificate of analysis & Evonik safety datasheet
  •  Extensive documentation
  •  Short delivery time and reliability thanks to our logistics

Our logistics ensure a high delivery reliability due to many years of experience in the worldwide import and export of specialty chemicals. In collaboration with Evonik we ensure product support.

OXTERIL® 350 VHP – European Union Biocide Grade

An absolutely pure and sterile environment is indispensable in many application areas – for example, in laboratories, hospitals or in the pharmaceutical industry. Bio-decontamination of surfaces and rooms polluted by microorganisms is an important concern in many industries. Application of "vaporized hydrogen peroxides" (VHP) provides an established and effective procedure for creating sterile conditions. In collaboration with Evonik, abcr offers a practical and user-friendly solution for bio-decontamination: OXTERIL® 350 VHP is highly pure hydrogen peroxide in top quality. It was developed for application in VHP procedures. The product can be applied directly without requiring any special preparation.


OXTERIL® 350 VHP is suitable for decontamination and sterilisation of

  •  dry surfaces of laboratory equipment
  •  industrial pharmaceutical isolators
  •  biological safety cabinets
  •  operating and laboratory rooms
  •  emergency vehicles and
  •  other enclosed areas.

OXTERIL® 350 VHP has been successfully registered as a biocide product in the European Union
(PT02& PT04, Zulassungsnummer EU-0028964-0000).