abcr eco_antimic©

A multivariable, antimicrobial material – completely without 'nano'

News 07.10.2020

abcr eco_antimic©abcr eco_antimic©

More and more microorganisms are coming into focus because of their health-endangering properties. The formation of multi-resistant germs is one of the big challenges for new, sensible solutions.

To equip all surfaces antimicrobial –
even in water-bearing systems –
abcr eco_antimic© from abcr GmbH is a proven alternative.

The material provides an enormously wide range of applications as a surface-active substance in respect of incubation time, effectiveness and duration of action. The substance can be used as a coating or as part of the matrix and then shows practically no wear and tear and a long-lasting effect over several years. Challenging applications can be found on all contact surfaces touched by people, e.g. in hospitals, sanitary facilities, on medical equipment. A further field of application is the reduction of biofilms in water-bearing systems.

abcr eco_antimic© has already been successfully used in various applications.

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