Bromofluoromethane  |  CAS 373-52-4

Speciality Gases for Late-Stage Fluoromethylation

  • AB200596   |  BFM 99,9% (pharma grade)
  • AB201435   |  BFM min. 99,5%
  • AB261913   |  BFM 2M in Acetonitrile
  • AB261914   |  BFM 2M in N,N-Dimethylformamide
 Name:  Bromofluoromethane (g)  Boiling point:  +17.5°C
 Purity:  99,5% / 99,9% (pharma grade)       Melting point:  -121°C
 CAS:  [373-52-4]       Density at 20°C:  1.76 gcm-3
 Formula:  CH2BrF                     Density at 50°C:  1.66 gcm-3
 Molecular weight:  112.93     Vapor pressure at 50°C:  2.25 bar
 Colour:  colourless           Stability at 20°C:  18 months

In general, BFM has also proven effective in the flouromethylation of enolates, phenols and oximes and is useful to provide access to a variety of compounds. Two exemplary approaches for BFM as fluoromethylation reagent are shown in Figure 2. The properties of BFM are well studied [Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2015, 5357-5362].

Flexible Production Qualities and Quantities

abcr provides high quality BFM for pharmaceutical industry by controlled production and complete impurity profile, at gram to metric ton quantities. Besides that, tech. grade Bromofluoromethane and BFM solutions are available.



  • European production
  • Shipping worldwide (REACH registered)
  • From lab scale to commercial quantities
  • Ex stock
  • Reuseable cylinders
  • Different qualities
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  • a-GMP / EHS qualified
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Customized Packaging

We offer reuseable cylinders that are customized to our customers` needs and can be returned for cleaning and refilling. There is a wealth of almost universally applicable reuseable connection adapters available for adaption to customers system.


Cylinder Selection

  • Steel cylinders (non-returnable)
    275ml, 900ml and 2,4L
  • Stainless steel cylinder (returnable)
    150ml, 300ml, 500ml, 1L and 3,78L (1 Gallone)

  • For further cylinder sizes or special vessel requirements, please contact us. or

BFM’s well known commercial use is in a late-stage fluoromethylation of a thioacid to yield fluticasone propionate (API found in Flonase® and Advair®) (Figure 1) or fluticasone furoate (Breo®) by GlaxoSmithKline.

Crystal Structure and Spectroscopic Investigation of Bromofluoro- and Fluoroiodomethane

The solid states of bromofluoromethane (BFM) and fluoroiodomethane (FIM) are characterized by X-ray diffraction analysis and by Raman spectroscopy. The single crystals were obtained by crystallization in situ at low temperature. BFM and FIM crystallize in the space group I2/a and Abm2, respectively. The Raman spectra of both compounds were recorded in different aggregation states and at different temperatures. Quantum chemical calculations and the X-ray diffraction data are considered to describe the noncovalent interactions of both compounds in the solid state. These interactions are discussed in the context of the σ-hole concept.

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