"In words be truthful and reliable,
in action conscientious and considerate." 


Traditions connect people and foster a sense of trust and security. 

We cultivate tradition and a Gute Chemie exists between us and our customers and partners for many years. 

As a result we look back with pride on great, lasting and recurring relationships with people and also on past campaigns. For this we thank you and look forward to continuing to inspire you with our unique personal service in the New Year. 

We wish you and your families a happy and relaxing winter time. 

Your abcr team 

We happily remain available for any enquiries you may have up until 1pm on 23.12.2022. From 24.12.2022 until and including 01.01.2023 we will enjoy the holidays with our families. 

In urgent chemical emergencies, please contact GIZ Mainz on +49 6131 19240 or GBK GmbH on +49 6132 84463 with reference to the product-specific safety data sheet. 

From 02.01.2023 you can reach us once again during our usual business hours. 


Vacation periods of the abcr companies:

  • abcr GmbH 23.12.2022, 1 pm – 01.01.2023 
  • abcr swiss AG 23.12.2022, 1 pm – 01.01.2023 
  • abcr france SAS 24.12.2022 – 01.01.2023 
  • abcr IRL Ltd. 23.12.2022, 2 pm – 01.01.2023 
  • ABCR (UK) LTD 23.12.2022, 2 pm – 01.01.2023 
  • LLC ABCR CHEMI RUS 01. – 09.01.2023