Innovation Prize Baden-Württemberg 2022

And the winner is…

News 12.2022

abcr. Gute Chemie received this award together with Wasser 3.0 for developing processes and products relating to detecting and removing microplastics from water. The Minister of Economic Affairs, Dr Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, is presenting the State Innovation Prize 2022 to medium-sized companies.

abcr has been working on sustainable projects for years and the partnership with Wasser 3.0 makes them a strong team in the field of water which is free from micropollutants and microplastics. Innovative products from abcr paired with scientific know-how from Wasser 3.0 characterise this longstanding partnership. The logical concept includes both detecting microplastics using simplified analysis processes, removing the particles using abcr eco products and recycling the waste substances in cooperation with other partners.

The first systems have now been commissioned with outstanding results and more pilot projects have been launched to develop modular, versatile solutions for our customers, thus allowing water to be protected as a resource by life-cycle management.

We are delighted to be standing alongside Wasser 3.0 as proud winners of the Innovation Prize BW 2022 and would be happy to respond to any project enquiries. We can meet your needs perfectly with Wasser 3.0 as our partner.


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