Microplastic analytics as a complete service for municipal wastewater treatment plants

From standardized sampling to detection and reporting, Wasser 3.0 and its cooperation partners offer a comprehensive all-round service for every wastewater treatment plant.

The successful microplastics analysis is based on fluorescence markers and enables simple, inexpensive, comparable and scientifically validated monitoring of microplastics before and/or after treatment stages 3 and 4.


You make an appointment and we take care of the rest

Take advantage of our all-round carefree package with the standardized service for data collection on microplastic pollution in municipal wastewater.


Sampling in the plant on site

Mobile sampling unit for fast and comparable sampling for microplastics analysis

  • Standardized procedure - validated and cross-validated
  • Comprehensive data - comparable values
  • Sampling times - flexible and coordinated

Microplastic detection with innovative fluorescent markers

Detection technology based on selective fluorescence labeling - simple, inexpensive and fast. The method is

  • validated and cross-validated
  • qualified in long-term studies on wastewater from sewage treatment plants (> 200 samples)
  • proven in the 4th purification stage plus long-term studies (microplastic and micropollutant removal)
  • in unit of measurement: microplastic particles (MP) / liter [MP / L]

Service for industries

On-site sampling, detection and documentation