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abcr. Gute Chemie - A full spectrum of special chemicals 

High product quality, close customer contact based on trust and committed passion for
special chemicals – the name 
abcr Gute Chemie has stood for this since 1987. An internationally
active full-service provider of special chemicals, we nevertheless remain a family-run company.

abcr Gute Chemie – your full-service provider, unique in the chemicals industry. 

The range of chemical compounds for special applications in our portfolio has continually grown over the years. This allows us to offer a diverse yet exclusive product spectrum tailored to individual requirements in the chemicals industry. A catalogue including silicon compounds and innovative fluoroorganic compounds has helped established a stable and effective basis. We have increasingly made a name for ourselves as a problem solver and innovator in the sector. We waste no time in transforming research results into user knowledge aimed at placing products on the market. Our creativity is our capital.  

The name abcr stands for innovative flair and high quality. With one of the first online shops for special chemicals, we were able to develop brand new sales routes via the World Wide Web at the end of the 1990s. 

We have been successfully certified as a supplier in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.  abcr labs, our production facility in Spain, also has certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001, thereby enhancing our environmental credentials throughout the abcr group. This allows us to send a clear signal to the world: High standards set for ourselves along with transparency through quality inspection make a crucial difference at abcr 

An integrative approach is part and parcel of our corporate philosophy: Trade, sales and sourcing of small to large volumes, research and development plus service and logistics – with tremendous commitment and personal contacts – all this is available from a single source at abcr 

abcr Group – Family company solid, qualitative, innovative, flexible.

Under the umbrella of the family holding company abcr group GmbH, abcr Vertriebs GmbH with headquarter in Germany and the production company abcr labs in Spain, established in 2010, successfully operate as development, production, sales and service partners in the specialty chemicals market.

Director Dr Jan Schuricht heads our company successfully together with his team, true to the spirit of company founder Dr Norbert Braunagel. Our work is distinguished by unbureaucratic openness and flat hierarchies. This allows our customers to benefit from short decision paths and swift solutions.  

The abcr product portfolio contains over 400,000 products covering fine chemicals – from grams to tonnes. The right chemicals for any application: We provide Gute Chemie for our international customers via a reliable global network.  

Besides our headquarters in Germany and our subsidiaries in Russia, Ireland, Switzerland, France and the UK, we have branch offices in Spain and Italy along with commercial agencies in Brazil, Poland, Israel, Turkey, India, China, Japan and the USA 

Our abcr service lab in Baden-Württemberg develops unique special chemicals and creates syntheses tailored precisely to customer requirements. We also conduct research projects and feasibility studies. Proprietary production in Spain rounds off our service.  


The name abcr stands for sustainability and responsibility 

As a manufacturer and dealer of special chemicals, we are aware of our responsibility towards people and the environment. Safety and quality standards are of paramount importance. Rather than merely talking, we are keen to act. With Wasser 3.0, we provide support as an industrial partner to a young company managed by Dr Katrin Schuhen, this having arisen from a research project. The cooperation has led to the development of a practical application designed, for instance, to remove microplastic or pharmaceutical residues from various type of water body.  

The history of abcr is imbued with entrepreneurial spirit and creativity 

We are who we are today thanks to our unique history. The corporate history of abcr is reminiscent of the much-cited legends involving garage start-ups. Whoever thinks of bubbling liquids in conical flasks and fuming test tubes is not far off the mark. A small workshop in the yard of a chemical’s company formed the first company headquarters of abcr. It was from here that founder Dr Norbert Braunagel set out to enter new market segments: He specialised in the small volume sale of chemicals to large laboratories in the gram and kilo range by refilling into customised units and packaging, while developing special syntheses of siloxanes. Application fields include the fast growing area of digital and storage technology.  

1987 abcr GmbH & Co KG founded by Dr. Norbert Braunagel   |  1994 Blanket purchase agreements with renowned chemical and pharmaceutical companies   |  1997 abcr goes online – first webshop   |  1998 Certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001   |  1999 ABCR UK Ltd. founded as UK subsidiary   |  1999 Sales partnership with Japan and China   |   2001 abcr® trademark registration   |   2001  15 employees   |   2002 Company moves into its own premises on “Im Schlehert”   |   2003  30 employees   |   2005 Fluoro catalogue – 6400 products  |  2007  20 years - abcr   |   2009 Ulrike Braunagel becomes Joint Managing Director   |   2009 Golden catalogue - CN   |   2010 abcr labs Spain founded – new production facility   |   2011 Silanes & Silicones catalogue   |   2011 Basics catalogue in five languages (DE/EN/FR/RUS/CN)   |   2012  65 employees   |   2012 abcr Chemie Rus. LLC founded as subsidiary in Moscow   |   2013 abcr develops its slogan “GUTE CHEMIE”   |   2013 Website relaunch  |   2013  300,000 products in the abcr catalogue   |   2013 Cooperation with Wasser 3.0   |   2014 R&D Services Bremen founded – acquisition of ChemTaurus 

2014 Company founder Dr. Norbert Braunagel dies aged 72 after a career spanning 52 years, with 27 of them spent at abcr. The company continues to enjoy success by keeping to his philosophy of NIPSILD (Nicht in Problemen, sondern in Lösungen denken – think in terms of solutions, not problems).

2015 Dr. Jan Schuricht becomes Managing Director   |   2016 Awarded “Place of Excellence in the Land of Ideas" with Wasser 3.0 project   |   2016  80 employees   |   2016 abcr Innovation Center introduced   |   2017 abcr IRL Ltd. founded as subsidiary in Ireland   |   2018 abcr france SAS founded as subsidiary in France   |   2018 abcr swiss AG founded as subsidiary in Switzerland   |  2019 abcr care service programme introduced   |  2019 New abcr service lab is built & R&D department moves   |   2020  115 employees   |   2020 Website relaunch   |   2020  400,000 products in product range