We’re better together: Become an abcr cooperative partner

- Small volume sales for industry
- Market access for extraordinary new products
- A development partner for research projects

Small volume sales for industry  

Are you planning to sell small volumes of fine and/or specialty chemicals at a kilogram scale? However, are your decanting and packaging processes, as well as shipping, orientated towards quantities of a tonne and upwards? 


If so, abcr is the perfect partner for you – make use of our expertise: 

  • we decant in small volumes 
  • we package items in a way that is tailored to each product or client 
  • we store them in a way that is batch-managed and we ship them worldwide

International companies, such as Höganäs high-performance ceramic, Kyocera StarCeram® and Vertellus have put their trust in our skills as an exclusive partner for small-volume sales. With Evonik’s OXTERIL® product, we were able to form a new partnership for small-volume sales. Our abcr sales team keeps in contact with the clients that need your product.  


Since 1987, we’ve had the necessary expertise when it comes to specialty chemicals: 

  • for both hazardous and non-hazardous goods 
  • for gasses, liquids and solids 
  • for research and production units

We store small volumes of products at our headquarters, in Karlsruhe, Germany. The benefits to our clients and your product are obvious: 

  • stocks are readily available 
  • tailor-made units 
  • customised packaging & special containers 
  • short processing times 
  • worldwide shipping 
  • reliable delivery 

Get the benefit of our reliable delivery times, constant and expanded availability of products and intensive customer service. abcr is a one-stop shop for all your needs: whether it’s sales, logistics or technical advice. 

Contact us: sales@abcr.com

Market access and sales for extraordinary new products 

Straight from the laboratory and onto the market: Let’s say that you, as a research group at a university or in industry, have developed an extraordinary product and can produce it in small quantities. But your focus lies in research, not business and sales.  

You are planning to quickly bring your new development onto the market in a successful way. But you don’t have the right sales channels and the required logistics for decanting, packing, handling and shipping. If this is the case, we are the flexible cooperative partner you need.  
Use our established sales contacts, catalogue business and our global network for your products! 

A development partner for research projects

We are the right partner in chemicals and development for your new processes, products or projects.  

You provide the innovation, we provide the experience in scale up, R&D, production, logistics and shipping. We will cooperate with you closely to support your pilot work and provide practical applications for your research outcomes.  

Are you looking for a capable partner in chemicals for your research project? We stand for development and innovation. Our teams from the Innovation Center and our in-house laboratory, the abcr service lab, will find tailor-made solutions to your problems or requirements.  

For many years, we have been involved in applied research and development as a medium-sized enterprise. We love being inspired by new ideas. Because of this, we will be on-hand with help and advice for innovative research projects.  


You’ll benefit from our years of expertise: 

  • we provide support for the development of products 
  • we take research units and make them the suitable size for market distribution  
  • we take on the marketing, making use of our global sales network 

As a medium-sized enterprise, we use the funding opportunities provided by the German government’s “ZIM” innovation programme for SMEs, among other things, for developing innovative research projects so that they are market-ready. Over the last few years, we have been able to acquire a large number of cooperative and individual projects and bring them to a successful conclusion. 

Together with clients, as well as industrial and academic research facilities, we have carried out research into many topics, including those in the fields of the environment, water and hygiene. This made it possible to create a process for eliminating microplastics from different types of water, in close cooperation with Wasser 3.0 and Zahnen Technik 

Are you still looking for the right partner for your research project?
Contact us: innovation@abcr.com

With good reason: Cooperate with abcr 

Efficiency is incorporating the strengths of others for your own success. Become a part of our successful abcr network, which spans across the globe.  

Professional service is our trademark, as is close cooperation tailored to your individual needs. For years, many well-known and internationally renowned companies and research facilities, from a range of different sectors, have relied on cooperation with abcr. Whether it’s small volume sales or sales support for innovative and forward-looking research projects – we put our skills to use enthusiastically, creatively and in a way that shows commitment to our partners.