abcr and Enzymicals use synergies for enzyme-based catalysis 

We are convinced of the following: Cooperation between companies represents a win-win situation for both sides. A good example of this is our collaboration with the biotechnology company Enzymicals AG based in Greifswald. We jointly coordinate our worldwide trade relationships.  

We exclusively incorporated select enzymes of the Greifswald biotech company in our catalogue for special chemicals for the application area “biotechnology” and chemo-enzymatically produced special chemicals. Enzymicals thereby receives international market access to customers around the globe and benefits from the distribution and logistics expertise of our employees. We look forward to upgrading our own portfolio with the product offers of Enzymicals in order to enhance new innovative synthesis paths – without surcharge for the customer compared to acquisition directly from Enzymicals. These are synergies from which all sides profit: abcr, Enzymicals and especially our joint customers. 

Enzymicals products from abcr

Enzyme-based catalysis gives customers a direct path to new chiral building blocks. We also keep sustainability aspects in mind as many of the previous classic catalysed processes were based on precious metal catalysis. 

Environmentally friendly catalysis systems on the other hand attempt to replace precious metals with organocatalysts or rare earth metals. Enzymatically catalysed procedures are still somewhat rare in the chemical industry. However, they nonetheless provide a simpler path to a multitude of valuable chiral compounds. 


Together with our partner Enzymicals, we offer a broad enzyme selection: 

The enzyme portfolio of Enzymicals comprises a consistently growing toolbox with innovative biocatalyst and a range of proteins. All catalogue enzymes are deliverable ex-storage and are offered as recombinantly produced raw protein extracts from microbial host systems in technical quality. 

Final formulations as well as higher purity degrees can be adapted upon request to specific process requirements. All enzymes are also available in larger volumes. 

The biocatalytic toolbox in the Enzymicals catalogue contains: 

  • Esterases 
  • Lipases 
  • Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenases 
  • Transaminases 
  • Imine reductases 
  • Halohydrin dehalogenases 
  • Phosphotransferases 
  • Aminoacylases