abcr. Gute Chemie –
abcr is the official sales partner for INFINAM® Photopolymers

Gute Chemie is based on good relationships. abcr is the official distribution and logistics partner for Evonik‘s new innovative INFINAM® Photopolymers. We offer a worldwide delivery service tailored to research & development as well as production process requirements with flexible availability via our warehouse. abcr is taking over worldwide order and delivery responsibilities for Evonik. Since our founding in 1987, we have understood ‘Gute Chemie’ to include excellent service and good relationships with customers and suppliers. Thus, our cooperation with Evonik joins the ranks of other reliable long-term collaborations with renowned companies in the special chemicals sector.


In this way, abcr is taking another step towards becoming a competent supplier for materials in additive manufacturing (3D printing) and, in addition to fast delivery by our logistics experts, naturally, also offers advice and comprehensive documentation services.
These unique materials are ready-to-use and suitable for common photopolymer 3D printing processes (VAT photopolymerization, VPP) such as stereolithography (SLA) or direct light processing (DLP).

The high-performance photopolymers have outstanding properties in the areas of toughness and impact strength, temperature resistance as well as in the area of high-strength applications. The benefits of these products and the 3D printing process are a very detailed, precise and high-quality as well as fast printing result.
The application areas for the printed parts, such as industrial components, automotive parts, parts for drones, design consumer goods, etc., are as wide-ranging as your possibilities in additive manufacturing.